the Smart Building and 5G in the world

Innovations in the building industry was the time once devoted to building materials. But with the advent and generalization of digital, infrastructures have become real service platforms, for the benefit of operators. We thus speak of a Smart Building, or even an intelligent building. What is the Smart Building? What impacts on the economy? This article tells you more.

What is the Smart Building?

The Smart Building, or called intelligent building is a real component of the "digital workplace" which facilitates the optimization of resources in the field of infrastructure management. It is a real platform that integrates digital tools to intelligently manage room occupancy, maintenance of various equipment, energy consumption, and service providers' interventions.
With smart building, your production sites, offices and / or shopping centers will be irrigated into effective digital platforms around which a set of services revolves to facilitate the daily lives of users and managers.

How does a smart building work?

The Smart Building is based on the use of relevant information that comes from sensors installed at the start of the construction of the building to retrieve data concerning the sound level, temperature, humidity, presence or not of people, etc. Thanks to an internet connection, the information is transmitted in real time.
Other technical management information such as alarms, lighting, video surveillance, access control ... are included in the data sharing in the Smart Building. Through smart building connected tools, occupants of the same buildings can be interconnected and interact and automate a number of relevant actions; which allows them to save time and increase the efficiency of their work.
Faced with the many advantages of Smart Building, this sector is a pole of economic investment in the world. Companies are increasingly opting for the interconnection of work equipment across countries. With the advent of 5G smart buildings will develop more and more.