And Bangkok becomes Amsterdam!

Bangkok is removing CBD from their list of prohibited products. The Thai capital, taking more the features of the city of Amsterdam, allows owners of coffee centers and restaurants to sell products derived from cannabis. Nowadays, CBD is a booming business and the demand for it is increasing more every day. Bangkok, joins the sale of CBD items with the objective of making it an economic lever.

Bangkok, the Thai new Amsterdam

In Amsterdam, there are thousands of coffee-shops, neon colors, strip bars and massage parlors, which bathe in a lively and cheerful atmosphere. This socio-cultural context is reproduced exactly in Bangkok, where you can find coffee bars, relaxation centers, and a lively atmosphere on every street corner. It is this set of signals that the capital of Thailand sends to young people who appreciate this kind of lifestyle.
The transformation of this Asian city into Amsterdam has evolved very rapidly in recent years thanks to tourism. Indeed, during the year 2019 the city recorded nearly 42 million visitors from all over the world. The tourist influx known by Bangkok, has allowed the centers of attraction and relaxation to develop very quickly. However, the Covid-19 reduced the number of travelers during the year 2020.

The prospects for a revival of tourism thanks to the CBD

Global legislation is becoming more and more flexible around cannabis, with the direct consequence of promoting products made from this once banned substance. Bangkok is following suit.
Tourism activity contributes a fifth of the Thai economy. As the demand for CBD-modified products grows, the Thai government is counting on this new lever in the global economy. But THC remains banned in the country, which has already seen a boom in cannabis-style coffee-shops.