Benefits of timelapse cameras for the follow-up of sites during construction

Filming a timelapse consists of making photo shoots from one or more angles, but at different times. Once the film is mounted, the action materializes in the form of an accelerated. This technique is widely used for construction or demolition sites because it has tools for all parties involved.

The follow-up of sites on video timellapse

For the customer, video timelapse is the way to follow the evolution of his site, without having to move, while visualizing the details of the operations. It can perfectly realize that the steps present in the specifications are well respected. Camera LapseTrain Monitoring Autonomous allows you to be reassured as to the progress and quality of its construction site. The camera can film a site as a whole, but also focus on particularly important details for the client. For more information, read this

The surveillance of the site by camera

Thanks to the Camera Timelapse, the site remains under constant supervision. For the manufacturer who must follow several projects, it is a tool that allows him to follow the evolution of his site remotely and he can even use his construction camera as a remote monitoring camera. The remote monitoring of the site by camera Timelapse becomes an essential element for security on construction sites.

The video, an internal communication tool

The Timelapse film can be used as an internal communication tool to transmit the information to all the departments concerned in the company. During construction, this is an opportunity to illustrate video progress in video meetings. Once the project is completed, it can also be made of a retrospective of the different stages of construction, to improve the process.

External communication

For the construction company, realize a movie Timelapse allows to dynamically present its know-how and showcase its achievements. The impact of a video on the confidence that your company releases is considerable. Your company really has value to develop its influence with its partners. Digital use makes this technique available for all construction and construction companies. With optional the possibility to turn along different shots, the final assembly of the timelapse represents a mastered cost and facilitates site tracking.