Connected objects to follow a construction site

In the construction sector, it is essential for a professional to follow the evolution of his project and to carry it out on time. However, on a construction site there are unfortunately events that contribute to the regression of the project, whether it is safety measures not respected or the relentlessness of nature. What are the connected objects to follow a construction site? Details.

Time lapse cameras

Time lapse professional cameras are ideal for ensuring the evolution of the site. Thanks to its many features, it allows you to capture images at any time for days and to follow the pace of work of employees in the field. You can click here for info. With this technology, you can identify threats or troublemakers on the job site and make appropriate resolutions. It allows you to keep track of everything that happens in the workplace and later allows you to correct anomalies to improve your work performance. This camera allows you to view the images captured from several locations through its storage capacity connected to the internet.

Connected shoes

Connected shoes ensure the safety of people on a construction site. The sole of the shoe reacts with the inclination and movement of the worker, so in case of fall an alert will be immediately sent to a previously chosen number. It also contains a GPS that allows you to locate the worker to ensure his safety or rescue him if necessary. In addition, these connected shoes are designed to emit a signal to warn its owner of a prohibited or dangerous zone approach.

Connected headsets

There are several types of connected helmets aimed at improving working conditions and making workers safer. The Smart Helmet helmet is an indispensable assistant, it ensures in the first place the protection of the worker. Also equipped with high-tech sensors, it makes it possible to identify defective circuits, to model maps to facilitate the processing of data on the site. On the other hand, the helmet 2.0 is designed specifically for digital construction sites. It facilitates communication between site staff thanks to its microphones, walkie talkie mode and illuminating lamps. It also ensures the safety of workers by emitting noise when crossing the safety rules established.

The drone

The drone is an equipment increasingly adopted in the field because of its aerial camera. It allows you to analyze the condition of buildings and monitor the