How did dinosaurs die?

Dinosaurs are reptiles from the prehistoric era. They are fascinating beings that disappeared over time. But what did they die of? Wouldn't you like to have memories of these giant creatures with you? Discover answers about the death of dinosaurs in this clip.

What did the dinosaurs die of?

Legend has it that the dinosaurs died as a result of a natural disaster. It could have been a volcano or an asteroid. Discover other stories on Indeed, 66 million years ago, a KT Extension occurred. It was a huge asteroid that hit the planet earth.  
This strike created a large dust cloud. This dust cloud created a lot of damage. It blocked the sun. Since the plants feed on the sun and the sun did not appear anymore, the plants died. But dinosaurs are herbivorous beings. Since they no longer had anything to eat, they died of starvation. 

How to keep a souvenir of the dinosaurs?

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