How to install a single hole bathroom faucet ?

The faucet is one of the most important pieces of equipment in the bathroom. However, many people find it difficult to install. What are the steps to follow to install a single hole bathroom faucet?

Prepare the substrate and materials

To prepare the support, first check the hot and cold water supply and then turn off the faucet. Next, you need to proceed to the disassembly of the faucet in place using an open-end wrench and an adjustable wrench. In case the existing faucet is welded to the water supply pipe, the disassembly will be more difficult. Please check my source for further explanation. 
As for the new faucet, place the supply hoses and the threaded fixing rod. To do this, you only need to screw it in by hand.

Drill the hole

The place to drill the hole for the faucet should be chosen according to the place where you plan to put the sink. To drill the hole, you need a drill, a hole saw and a drill bit. The diameter of the hole saw should be the same as the size of the faucet. The drill bit should measure 6 mm. 
Place a piece of tape on top of the toilet surface and drill without percussion until the support is pierced. Then use the hole saw while placing the center bit in the previously drilled hole. Finally, use a file to clean up the work.

Assemble the faucet

You are one step closer to completing the installation of your faucet. First, place the gasket in the hole you drilled. Then put in the hoses while placing the threaded stem of the faucet.
After that, hold the faucet firmly while insisting on the hoses from below. Before screwing in, place in the threaded rod, the wedge and the retaining nut. Then screw with a wrench without forcing. Then, put the drain valve in its hole and screw the extension rod to the valve from below. 
Now connect the extension rod to the drain shaft of the drain. Then, with a screwdriver, screw in the connecting piece. Check the operation of the faucet while turning on the pull cord after putting the valve in the drain. Finally, connect the hot and cold water hoses, making sure not to confuse them. You have just installed your single hole bathroom faucet.