Ladder or ramp: what does your dog need?

If you have a senior dog or if your puppy has a mobility problem, choosing a ramp or ladder for him is important. In fact, ramps make life much easier for small pets.  Especially breeds that have short legs. Find out more in this article.

Should you choose a ladder or a ramp for your dog?

Ladders are better options for healthy dogs who have the agility and balance to use standard household ladders. They are usually portable, and the ladder can help the dog to climb from the living room to the bedroom and even to the car.  They tend to take up less space than ramps.

If your puppy has mobility difficulties, to insecurity when climbing the stairs in your home, consider a ramp for him.  Choose ramps that have smooth corners and are high enough to reach the bed/sofa or the entrance to your car.  This is usually between 60 cm and 80 cm maximum.

What to consider when choosing a dog ramp?

As with stairs, make sure the ramp you want to buy is high enough for your dog to reach. Even if it's a bed, couch or walkway. If space is an issue, choose a lightweight or foldable ramp, as it should have a non-slip surface so the dog can get up and down safely.

In fact, if it's a ladder or ramp for your dog, use positive reinforcement training to teach your dog to use the product.  The goal is to help you feel more confident with the novelty.  And that confidence is important so that the dog can use the ladder or ramp, even when you are not around.

So now you know what to do if your dog has mobility difficulties. So don't hesitate to take the steps to keep your dog healthy.