Menstrual cycle management: grandmother's method!

At the age of puberty, in young girls we observe the onset of the first periods. At this important stage in the development of her body, the young girl needs useful information to better manage her cycle and her menstrual hygiene in order to avoid unwanted early pregnancies. What should I know about the menstrual cycle? The answer in this article.

What is the menstrual cycle?

The menstrual cycle is the time between the arrival of your first period in a month and the first day of the next period. In other words, the menstrual cycle is the number of days it takes to have your period again. To learn more about the menstrual cycle, keep reading:

How long is a menstrual cycle?

The duration of a regular cycle is 28 days in women generally. However, there are girls whose cycles are longer or shorter. These cycles are generally 21 days or even 32 days.
Furthermore, it is noted that the first cycles are not always regular. To do this, it is recommended that the girl write down the date of her period on a calendar to know when the next one will come.

Where to record your menstrual cycle information?

It's good to have a menstrual calendar. Whenever the period arrives, you can check a cross (X) on the days it appears on a calendar. This will allow you to observe your body movements and know when your next period is due and when you are ovulating.

How to calculate your ovulation?

If your menstrual cycles are regular, it's easy for you to calculate your ovulation days: the only fixed phase of the cycle that invariably lasts 14 days. To find out, you just have to subtract 14 days from the estimated date, from your next period.