What are the best chatbot creation tools ?

These days, there are several ways you can keep the conversation going on social media. Among the latter we have the chatbot, a real conversational means.  However, to take full advantage of the latter’s services, you need to create it. Here is a comparison of the tools for creating a chatbot.


 HubSpot is a tool that lets you create your chabot for free.  It has a very modern interface that allows you to communicate well with your customers or visitors.  For more information, read the site.  It is a tool that also helps create very active chatbots with better lead handling, initiate meetings and automatically respond to any concerns.  In short, this tool has :

 • Very intuitive interface ;

 • Many conversation models available ;

 • Provides excellent customer support ;

 • Full customization of the chatbot ;

 •Delivers human and natural conversations ;

 • Tool without code and free.



 Botsify is also a tool that allows you to create chatbots for website, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, WordPress.  This code-free tool is perfect for standardizing all discussions made on all media.  Due to its performance, it is prized by many users and also by prestigious brands such as Spotify and Toyota.  It is generally characterized by :

 • Very easy to use ;

 • Standardizes chatbots from different media ;

 • Has excellent customer service ;

 • Provides excellent value for money.



 The other chatbot creation site is Chatfuel.  It is particularly used for chatbots on Facebook Messenger and Instagram. It is highly prized by many users because of its efficiency and ease of use.  It is also a tool that you can use to link Facebook Ads to better study job qualities.  Chatfuel is characterized by :

 • Very easy to use ;

 • Allows the creation of a chatbot via Instagram ;

 • Gives a very accessible premium