What are the hacks related to the war between Ukraine and Russia

Russia was the first country to be attacked in this war, by other country. A few days later, Ukraine was attacked in turn. How did these attacks take place and what tools were used? Answers are available here. Please read it with more attention, in order to understand more all about this war between the countries.

How were these attacks carried out really ?

Most of these attacks were carried out by low-level researchers. They used low-level weapons. Click to find out more about the hacks to Russia. Usually these were low-level tools or tools that could be obtained for free or at low cost. Their attacks were mostly DDoS attacks. Now the sectors that offer deduction services all over the world make these services available to anyone at any low level technician .  
Since DDoS services were available everywhere, it was a bit complicated to find easly the attackers. But after a few weeks, the number of attacks dropped after some research by hackers. The degradation was used a lot because it was used to send messages to the other side. Following the intervention of hackers to help one of the two camps, meaning that Ukraine or Russia, these attacks finally dropped.

How much of the cyber attacks were war-related truly?

Although the war-related cyber attacks between Ukraine and Russia have attracted a lot of attention, they represent only a small proportion of global cyber attacks. Indeed, Americans are the most targeted by DDoS attacks. After the Americans come the Brazilians and then the Bangladeshis. The cyber attacks suffered by Russians and Ukrainians represent only 5% of DDoS attacks recorded in the all world. 
DDoS attacks were not the only ones used during the war between Ukraine and Russia. Others methods were used. Some cybercriminals use methods such as ransomware using windshield wipers and other attacks collected from Russian utilities.