Economy - How to play at Pay N Play casinos and what bonuses are offered ?

How to play at Pay N Play casinos and what bonuses are offered ?

When it comes to playing at Pay N Play casinos, simplicity and efficiency are key. These online gambling establishments have revolutionized the player experience by eliminating the need for a tedious registration process. Indeed, Pay N Play casinos allow gambling enthusiasts to quickly get into the action, without having to create a traditional account. But how exactly does this simplified method of play work ? And what bonuses and benefits are offered to players who choose this modern approach ? How to Play Pay N Play casinos ? Typically, Pay N Play casino sites have no registration process, which means they are completely instant. But how can you play without having to open an account ? The procedure is much simpler than you might imagine. Pay N Play casinot (or as they are sometimes...
Economy - NFT- when cryptocurrency attacks art

NFT- when cryptocurrency attacks art

The art field has been on the rise in recent years, thanks to blockchain. Yes! Thousands of artistic works are sold in NTF format online. A multitude of anonymous artists are taking advantage of this new art market to release their creation in return for new currencies. Learn the basics about NTF in this article. Non-Fungible Token in English which means in French "non-exchangeable token", the NTF is a title deed held for an artistic work. In other words, it is a blockchain asset that the buyer acquires with crypto tokens. Here, the asset is a work of art (a photo, a social chat, a music album, etc.) whose value relaxes in its course. What is NTF? An NTF is non-fungible, that is, cryptocurrencies that are interchangeable with other crypto or real currencies such as the dollar and the...